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Shur-Co Tarp Systems & Accessories

Your premium tarping brand!

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When you need to be sure, make it Shur-Co®!

Shur-Co® offers over twenty-five products including manual and electric roll tarps, flip tarps, wireless remotes, work lights, hopper trap openers and more!


In 1980, the Original Shur-Lok® roll tarp was developed by Shur-Co® to answer the need for a reliable containment system for the agriculture industry. Over forty years later, Shur-Co® continues to be the preferred tarp systems provider for the agriculture and construction industries. The Shur-Lok® has been adapted to accommodate most agricultural and construction applications. Shur-Co® is continually researching, upgrading and developing new tarping and containment solutions for the ever-changing needs and requirements of the industries we serve. Today Shur-Co® offers over twenty-five products including manual and electric roll tarps, flip tarps, wireless remotes, work lights, hopper trap openers and more!

If our current tarping systems don’t meet your exact specifications, we can customize our products to create the ideal solution for you. Let our experience work for you!

Shur-Co® Products

Below are some of our bestselling Shur-Co® Products.

You can find more products and details by visiting the Shur-Co® website

DriveMaxx™ Electric Auger Drive

DriveMaxx Logo.png

Add the DriveMaxx™ auger drive kit for swingaway hoppers to your SMARTrailer™ lineup! Now you can remotely operate all the things you do most frequently when dumping your truck: rolling the tarp, swinging the auger hopper into position and opening the traps.

4500 Series HD for Grain Trailers

4500 Series HD Logo.png

The 4500 Series HD features a powerful American- made motor with all-metal gearbox and incredibly reliable magnetic brake! Heavy-duty extruded aluminum torsion arms are equipped with spiral-reinforced elbows for flexibility to move smoothly over loads.

The 4500 Series HD is also available for Grain Carts and End Dump Trailers

Super Duty Shur-Lok® for Grain Trailers

Shur-Lok Logo.png

With proper tension, the tarp stays tight no matter your length of trailers! The standard crank is direct drive 1:1 and lets you roll the tarp standing safely on the ground. An upgrade to electric is available, as are more SMARTrailer™ options.

Super Duty Shur-Lok is also available for Grain Carts and several other types of Trailers


ProTrap Logo.png

The best 1-2 punch in trailer automation! Pair your 4500 Series HD electric tarp with the ProTrap® electric hopper opener. It safely slides hopper doors open and closed with the touch of a button while you stay back, out of the dust.

Smart2™ Remote

Smart2 Logo.png

It’s the latest in SMART-touch technology! The SMART2™ remote gives precision Express Mode control of our complete SMARTrailer™ line, displaying real-time positioning of tarp and traps.


IronSide 2 Logo.png

The IronSide2™ electric roll tarp from Shur-Co® has been specifically designed and built to survive the harsh hauling conditions of side dump applications! The IronSide™ is aptly named, with all structural components manufactured from steel for maximum strength and superior performance.

GustBuster™ Tarp Cords

GustBuster Logo.png

Feature an innovative design like no other tarp cord in the industry. Attach GustBusters permanently to your trailer – keep tarps from flipping in the wind and taking you with them!

Several more products available!

To see all the Shur-Co® Products, visit the Shur-Co® website

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